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Like shattered glass [Final Part]

Bukola hurried to get a knife from the kitchen. She warned that if I went outside, she would hurt herself and everyone would assume I had hurt her. I had no choice but to stay. I became overwhelmed!Why am I involved in this relationship, exactly? I asked myself. There are countless cases of this. ThereContinue reading “Like shattered glass [Final Part]”



I was told to “man up” by Tom and Fred when I told them about how Bukola humiliates me. That, however, did not help resolve my issue.  They said I am weak and as a man I should not tolerate that act from a woman.  Yes, I should not. I can’t understand why I find myselfContinue reading “LIKE SHATTERED GLASS (4)”


By the time I got home, Bukola had already cooked my favorite meal and dressed in a lingerie! She opened the door and smiled warmly. I was stunned, but I couldn’t resist her warm smile. I tried my best to pretend by ignoring her as soon as she opened the door. As I walked awayContinue reading “LIKE SHATTERED GLASS (3)”

7 steps to looking after yourself

You have probably heard people talk about having a sound lifestyle. Well, it goes beyond word of mouth but requires action. Having a sound lifestyle also means looking after yourself physically, mentally, emotionally. Taking care of yourself helps you succeed in other responsibilities and it is only when you take care of yourself you areContinue reading “7 steps to looking after yourself”


YOU CAN USE ALONE TIME TO CONNECT WITH YOURSELF. Think of what you enjoy doing alone. Are you a reader? What kind of books do you enjoy reading? Read it! Perhaps you do not enjoy reading; but think of what you like to do alone and do it. The internet is accessible to you. You canContinue reading “OVERCOMING LONELINESS (7) (DISCOVERING YOURSELF)”

Overcoming loneliness(6) (using Affirmations, gratitude and journaling to combat loneliness)

Affirmations are positive statements to help you overcome negative thoughts. Create affirmations you can repeat to yourself daily. Here are some examples of affirmations you can say to yourself when you’re feeling lonely: ❤️My existence matters on this earth. ❤️My life is filled with laughter, love, and good times. ❤️I attract positive people. ❤️I radiateContinue reading “Overcoming loneliness(6) (using Affirmations, gratitude and journaling to combat loneliness)”