In recent times, DEPRESSION has been the major cause of suicide. ANGER has led to premature death, LOW SELF ESTEEM has led to suicide because they do not see themselves as been able to carry on with life and feel others are better than them. I have taken it upon myself to listen and write to the public and victims of these. If distance cannot make me listen and interact with you physically ,then I hope my message would reach and touch your heart knowing that you are not in this alone and you can come out of it. Also, mastering the habits of a healthy lifestyle, peace of mind, better communication will have a great impact on your journey through life. I will be sharing my personal stories and stories of individuals but their actual names won't be mentioned. Most of these stories will be written in the first person narrative. Promising you a noteworthy read! Cheers!

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    December 15, 2019 by

    I had few friends in other offices when they heard what happened, they came around to see me but I could not clarify what happened at that minute since I was grouchy. One of the young ladies embraced me and tapped my back she told me all will be fine and offered to provide me… Read more

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    December 12, 2019 by

    Despite the fact he makes the environment/office conducive to work in I was still feeling awful about the work. I started forgetting small details I never forget before. I kept mixing up information and missing vital details. My boss begun complaining about my alter in character and my performance, but he was speedy to pardon… Read more

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