I watched my siblings venture out to take part in a football match. My sister is enthusiastic about photography and I’m left alone. I used to be social with a great deal of companions, particularly with the other gender since I’m female. However, when I attempt to be companions with the male; the words they say to me is that: “I am a lovely black woman” and eventually they want to take advantage of me. 

At the point when I think I have discovered a companion in him all I get requested from him is to be close. This caused me to pull out from individuals and stick to my family since that is all I got.

On irregular days, my parent will call me and my kin to the sitting room to have a talk, my parent will reveal to us how honored and advantaged we are to have a better life. At this point, I resented them for carrying me to a new country and making me forlorn.

I missed my life in Africa. It is difficult to adapt since I do not have any companion. My parent didn’t perceive how I felt as an issue. They kept telling me and my kin to peruse and make good grades in school.

I curl myself on my bed and cry most times.
I cry since I’m forlorn.
Although, I have a family that love me so much, yet I need more. I need companions!
People I can talk to about random topics. Perhaps, if my parents had asked me how it is like making new friends since I came, I would have cried aloud and told them how difficult it is, but they did not ask me that question, hence my heart is heavy and I cry alone and feel alone.
I need somebody who will hold my hands through everything. I wish to return to my past life.

There are opportunities and growth in my new life, but I am lonely and I dislike it. It is choking when you don’t have any companions. I feel nobody genuinely wants me.

I’m drained!

I disdain my school!

I disdain everybody!

I disdain everything!


4 thoughts on “MY LONELY WORLD (FINAL PART).

  1. Everyone needs a companion in life…. yes parents are there but we needs friends to be all goofy and crazy with them and its hard to be on your own all alone ❤❤❤


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