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GRATITUDE: Gratitude is another way to overcome fear. 

Gratitude makes you focus on the things you have at the moment rather than being afraid of what will happen in your life or in the future. 

Gratitude makes you value the little things you have in life which you usually take for granted such as breath, clothes, shelter, water, speech. Gratitude puts you in the present. Deliberately note the little things each day to be grateful for. As you practice being grateful, you will feel more thankful for every moment and gradually let go of your fears.
When you see things in a positive way, the world around you change positively. Whenever you fear about the future or you fear about what might go wrong, call yourself to the present and get a journal

(Electronic or hard copy) note the things you are grateful for.

Perhaps you are grateful for life, friends, family, or something you feel good about. Gratitude gives you the opportunity to accept situations and accept yourself just as you are right now. Gratitude is a reminder that you are worth it and you are good enough. When you accept yourself and everything around you, you have an inner peace like never. You would grow effortlessly without struggling to compete with another. When in fear, be grateful for the moment that you are, be grateful for breath, and be grateful for your existence on earth. 

Another way to overcome your fear is:

Talk to yourself through your fear and you will see a tremendous change in your view about life. It is important you constantly practice self-talk/affirmations.

Some things you can say are:
🗣️ I am letting go of my fear.

🗣️ I can control my thoughts.

🗣️My fear for heights (or mention what you are afraid of) is gone.

🗣️ I take things one step at a time.

🗣️ My courage is greater than my fear.

🗣️ Letting go of my fear is easy.


Published by Lady P

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22 thoughts on “OVERCOMING YOUR FEAR (5).

  1. So many, the fear they run from is the reason I am alive the Darkness is what moulded me and made what I need to be for fighting my will to stay alive.

    There not many things I am afraid but not being able to stand on my own strong and firm is one of them its been a minute fore sure.

    I have had many dips into the forge and been hammed and beaten down more times then I can count but no matter what I will never bow down to the storm…. EVER hear me say the words ” I FUCKING QUIT ”




      1. Affirmations are positive reminders or statements that can be used to encourage and motivate yourself or others.

        However, there are different reminders you can say to yourself that resonates with you. For example you might say/affirm to yourself with these words below.

        I deserve the best life has to offer.
        I trust my process.
        I focus on what I can control.
        I release every doubt.
        I accept myself just as I am.

        The reason why affirmations help is that the positive words you say to yourself help you to challenge negative thoughts. So when you keep repeating affirmations you start to believe in them and you start to tune your thoughts to be positive.

        AFFIRMATIONS has helped me a lot. So, I want you to also practice saying kind words to yourself often.

        Have I been able to make it clear to you, Alex?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you Lady P I am grateful to have those like you that support and give me words of inspiration.

        You’re beacon spirit that brings light to very corrugated world when so many are without sense of hope because of overwhelming disparities

        luas dia I do thruas Lady P



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